Market Data Cost Management Insight Report

Market Data Cost Management Insight Report

Targeted for financial institutions spending less than $800,000 per year on data from their primary supplier of market and reference data, excluding terminals.

This one-off Review uses the advanced data analytics of the Kalaxis KDM Calculator, and provides a Report providing insight into the following:

  • Company wide “As Is” summary, broken down by business unit, showing trends and movements over time
  • Non-standard patterns of consumption
  • Inconsistencies between contracts and consumption
  • Break down of usage across a range of criteria, such as Business Unit, Data Service, Data Category
  • Preliminary view of the areas where costs can be reduced, and how

By adopting the Service, our clients benefit from the following:

  • Immediate actions that can be taken, to reduce current spending
  • Areas of inconsistency, that can be investigated to ensure they will not develop into a problem
  • Insight into how the data services are being consumed, to ensure best overall value for money is being achieved
  • Insight to enable more accurate spending forecasts to be calculated
  • Evidence to justify further analysis to quantify cost saving opportunities

On completion of the Report, you as the market data manager will feel more satisfied and confident that you have the right level of control and insight into your primary data supplier, and can plan ahead more effectively on that basis.