Kalaxis has engaged in strategic partnerships:



5 Rue du Heller
75010 Paris

The Kalaxis / Fitex partnership allows us to offer clients a full range of reviews including the optimal management of providers' contracts and invoices

Fitex expertise is focused on provider's contracts & invoices management and real time optimisation case studies

The FITEX / Kalaxis partnership derives from successfull projects jointly carried out, which allowed us to offer customers a comprehensive expertise to match their expectations



46 Rue des victoires
75009 Paris

The aim of the Kalaxis / Neoxam partnership is to provide operational solutions for a fast implementation of the reviews' conclusions

Implementing the findings

NeoXam is a leading provider of financial data management and transaction software. To this effect, Neoxam has developed a -Data Hub- solution
Kalaxis and Neoxam have decided to cooperate and develop an autonomous optimization module that includes a dashboard on market data consumption.