Rationalization Review

Rationalization Review

The Rationalization Review is designed to answer the following three questions:

  • Where can I make savings?
  • How can I make these savings?
  • How much will these savings be?

The main market data vendors are within scope, including Bloomberg, Refinitiv, ICE, SIX, and others

Producing the Report: The approach and what it delivers

There are three main steps involved in creating the Report:

Step 1: Collating the Information

The analysis of potential savings requires a number of inputs. They are:

  • The data that has been consumed
  • The Invoices
  • The Pricing Policies (Rate Cards)
  • The Contracts (Schedules)

Step 2: Analysing the Data

This is performed by Kalaxis Practitioners, in combination with the internal KDM Calculator, the “secret sauce”, the advanced analytics and calculation engine, built, designed and refined over many years of active client assignments.

Step 3: The Report

This answers the three questions posed above.

The Report details:

  • Trends of consumption and associated costs
  • An inventory of the contracts and invoices
  • How savings can be made, and how much these savings will be
  • An Action Plan, with recommended priorities
  • Comprehensive and detailed “how to” supporting information

The two main features of the Review’s Report that provide “added value” are:

  • The granular level of detail provided in the area of cost savings, and
  • The comprehensive range of “what if” scenarios that are analysed

The Review is typically completed in 8 weeks, and is not a drain on a client’s internal staff. There is no involvement required from IT. Popular follow-on services are both the Reporting Service and additional Consulting Services