Reporting Service

Reporting Service

This Service is typically adopted after the completion of a cost management and optimisation program of works.

It is designed to answer the following questions:

  • Has my consumption increased, and if so why?
  • What is the consumption trend over the Reporting period?
  • Which area of the Business is impacting the changes most?
  • Which categories of data and vendor service fees have changed significantly?
  • What actions can be taken to optimise the consumption, and ensure operating efficiency?

The Consumption Analysis Report

These are produced twice a year, based on the most recent six month’s consumption and invoices. By adopting the Service, our clients benefit from the following business value:

  • Insight and the early warning of changing trends, both up and down, in market data spend, and most importantly the potential consequences
  • Explanations and insight when market data fees and usage change
  • Support in actioning and realising the cost optimisation and data governance observations
  • Knowledge and insight of data usage, to ensure best value for money is received from Data Vendor services and contracts

Armed with the above information, the Business Outcomes the Service delivers is:

“An on-going efficient and cost optimised market data operation, that provides the means to maintain control and governance, across the organisation”