Terminals, Covid-19 and Working From Home: the Perfect Storm

In a recent survey of the Kalaxis customer base, 80% of the market data managers expressed concern of how best to solve the conundrum of the pandemic, and the need to access market data available through financial terminals from home for large numbers of users.

Why is this?

97% of all office workers want to maintain a work-from-home mode, with 9% preferring to work from home full-time, while 88% would opt for a hybrid 50-50 model: Survey conducted by Nyenrode Business University, Open University and Moneypenny.

The predicament for Market Data Managers and Heads of Business that we are seeing goes as follows:

  • “I need to keep reducing on-going market data costs”
  • “Financial terminal licenses continue to be a primary focus”
  • “I need to ensure Working From Home does not trigger an avalanche of contract and compliance breaches”

If any or some of the above is concerning you, then the KDM-API could be a solution.

Why? Because it is:

  • Inexpensive and works on a PC
  • Doesn’t require a terminal to access the market data, and is
  • Fully compatible with existing Excel worksheets (it uses the same symbology and naming convention as the Financial Terminal)

A perfect storm indeed, with most firms increasingly under pressure to substantially cut costs, especially in market data spend. As if Covid-19 and the disruption that that is causing isn’t enough to deal with…..

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